Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Frankenstein- Marshmallow Brain Hemmorhage

It seemed only appropriate that the drink associated with Frankenstein would have something brain related in it. For this one I did a slight variation on the traditional brain hemorrhage shot. Usually the drink calls for peach Schnapps, but since we didn't have any on hand, I used marshmallow flavored vodka instead. Very tasty substitution.

Bailey's Irish Cream
Marshmallow flavored vodka

Pour one part vodka into a shot glass. Add the one part Bailey's by pouring slowly to prevent the Bailey's from mixing in with the vodka. This is what makes the Bailey's look like a little bit of brain matter in the glass. This part sounds easy, but I found it to be a bit harder than I expected. The picture you see here is my third attempt. Not that the first two were wasted, no worries there, but it's good that the third one worked out ok. I have to work in the morning.

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