Thursday, August 8, 2013

Inferno: Chocolate-Chili and Cream

After this book, Dan Brown's Inferno, I felt like I needed a drink, and I definitely wanted to have something with a little heat for this cocktail. So I revisited the chocolate-chili liqueur we had in our bar. I've used this one before to make a really tasty martini.

It has just the right amount of lingering heat at the end. It's a great balance to the sweetness of the chocolate flavor that hits you up front. Even with that, I don't think I could drink this one straight, well maybe I could, but I probably shouldn't. So I decided to add a bit of cream to soften the whole thing up a bit.

By cream, I actually mean milk because that's what we had in the fridge at the time. I'd do cream next time, but much less than what you see in the picture. Adding the cream/milk actually gave a pretty cool look to the glass. Where it meets the liqueur and starts to mix on its own you get a smoky effect, which I thought was a happy accident for tying in with the book.

All in, yummy dessert cocktail that actually ties in nicely with the book.

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