Friday, July 5, 2013

Winter Garden: White Russian Warmer

Let me start by saying that I wept at the end of this book. Not, I cried a little in a glamorous movie sort of way, but wept in a tears covering my face and leaving a puddle on the pillow where I was reading. Kind of freaked out Loki. He hates it when I cry and always comes over to give kisses and make me feel better, although I suppose it's possible he just thinks my tears are tasty. I'm going with the cute cuddly version where he's being comforting.

So I'm crying over a beautiful story about a mother and her daughters and how what has kept them apart ultimately brings them together. Why does this make me cry? It makes me think of my realtionship with my own mother. She's amazing. I'm so lucky to have her in my life and grateful for the influence that she's been in the past and continues to be. I can't imagine having a strained or difficult relationship with her. Sure we had the normal trials during my teenage years and the requisite disagreements over wedding details (ask me about the reception chairs, I dare you). But even with all of that, and in some wasy because of it, she's one of my best friends. This weekend is her birthday, so wherever I am right now, I'm thinking of her. 

So the cocktail had to be something warm. That way it could go along with the heart warming aspect of the book, and it could actually be enjoyed in winter, or in my case in the air conditioning. It's a variation on a traditional White Russian, and a spin on a drink that I make with coffee infused bourbon.

Kahlua (or other coffee liquer)
Vodka (I went with whipped cream flavored, but vanilla would be nice as well)
Cream (half and half in my case)

Mix 2 parts Kahlua and 1 part vodka with 2 parts very hot water, Use whatever temperature you'd normally use to make a glass of tea. Float cream on top.

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