Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sex and the City- The Cosmopolitan

In keeping with our book-to-movie-theme for the month, I'm pulling out a book that inspired not one but two movies, a successful TV show and put one of my go-to drinks while I was in college on the map for most single girls in America. Yup- Candace Bushnell's Sex and the City.

This is one of the rare occasions where I can't say that I liked the book more. I'm a long time fan of the TV show, and actually watched it first before reading the book. That might have been part of the issue that I had with the book. I was looking for the same sort of filled in characters that I was used to seeing on the show- not perfect, a little predictable, but full characters. That's just not what I got with the book. I think the things that those of us who watched the show and then the movies were drawn to didn't come across the same way.

I wanted to like it, I really did. I think there's a part of most of us that wanted to be like Carrie. Not be her exactly, but to be caught up in that unique excitement that only seems to exist in New York City. In the show and the movie, her flaws make her likable, while in the book I just found her to be shallow, as were most of the other people in the book. Having said that, I will always covet Carrie's shoe collection. Until I can completely kick the Big Guy out of our closet and claim it as my own, that type of shoe haven will just have to remain a Manolo and Prada filled day dream.

For the drink portion of this review, I did a slight twist on the traditional Cosmo. We have some friends who have infused their own vodka. We have a bottle of the cranberry-orange infusion which I thought would tie in well with this recipe. It's a great way to get a little added flavor into what you're drinking. I realize that not all of you are lucky enough to have friends who will you give you gifts like this, so feel free to experiment with whatever flavored vodka you have on hand. For this recipe, I recommend sticking to a citrus or berry flavor.

Brie's Cosmopolitan
1 oz orange cranberry vodka
Dash of lemon juice
Cranberry juice to fill the rest of the shaker

Combine ingredients, shake over ice, pour into a martini glass and enjoy!

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