Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May '13 Book of the Month: The Great Gatsby

This is our first book of the month. This is also the first book we're going to mention on this blog. I have to admit, I felt a fair amount of pressure to pick the right one. Maybe it was unfair pressure since it was all self-imposed, but you know what I mean. I didn't worry too long though, we're going to be talking about a lot of books over time, so we'll have plenty of time to add new titles to our library.

For the month of May we're going to focus on one of my favorite books- The Great Gatsby. It feels like a good time to revisit this classic with the new movie coming out this month as well. Here's what you can expect over the next four weeks.

Week 1: book selection revealed (ta-dah!)
Week 2: discussion questions, things to consider while reading
Week 3: cocktail recipe, menu to be used at book club meeting
Week 4: my review of the book

There will be other posts about other books while the book of the month discussion is going on, just to keep things interesting. If I find some things that tie in with the book of the month I'll post about those as well. Notable events in history, design and art influences, and anything else fun that I come across will find their way here.

This is my copy of the book, and it's one of my favorite additions. I love how glamorous the cover design is, and how it perfectly captures the Art Deco style of the time. It's part of what I'm excited for with the movie as well. I have high hopes for what Baz Luhrman can do with the opulence and excess.

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